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2015-2016 Application Forms are now live!

Please select from the Junior High or High School Membership Application at left.

FOR THOSE WHO PLAN TO ENTER THE FIRST RODEO, the deadline to be RECEIVED in the mail at the official address listed below is MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 14, 2015.

There is no deadline to join LHSRA. Applications are accepted at any time until the qualifying season ends with the last qualifying rodeo in May!

The detailed OFFICIAL SCHEDULE is posted below and replaces the tentative schedule posted earlier.

Address to mail applications, as noted in each membership packet:


163 Mallard Lane

Cameron, LA 70631

Special Notes:

  • Applications should be completed online (they are fillable documents), then printed, signed and notarized, as applicable.
  • Priority, certified and other specialty mailings typically take longer to arrive than typical first class mail.
  • Please carefully complete and then proof the application before mailing. An application that has to be returned for corrections and omissions may delay start of membership, if planning to enter the first rodeo.
  • Checks are NOT accepted.  Please send a money order or cashier’s check.
  • Please assure that both the principal’s signature is obtained and notary sections are completely filled out, in addition to member and parent signatures throughout.
  • Signatures of BOTH biological parents are required with the exception of FULL CUSTODY or DEATH OF PARENT.  Please write in one of these two, if applicable, where the second parent’s signature is required. Domiciliary custody is NOT full custody. Please call with questions on any other custody situations for which there is signed judge’s orders or other signed documentations in place.
  • For liability purposes and to adhere to NHSRA membership guidelines, no card numbers will be disseminated without all proper documentation in place.
  • For home school applicants, please hold all applications until the current BESE State-Approved Home Study Approval or current BESE State-Approved Home Study Renewal are received to send with the application. Louisiana Department of Education information remains posted below.

Any questions should be directed to LHSRA State Secretary at stephanied.rodrigue@gmail.com or by text or call to (337) 540-4623.


Saturday September 19 

Sweet Lake Arena
358 Chalkley Road 

Bell City, Louisiana 


8:30 AM 

$50 per contestant

Bring your own horse!


(Must attend this clinic or be nationally certified through RCHA to judge this event at Qualifying Rodeos)

1:00 PM

No Charge for Judges’ Clinic

2015-2016 Official Schedule

Posted above is the tentative 2015-16 schedule of dates.  Specific event info (cuttings and reined cow horse competitions) will be posted once all is confirmed and approved by the LHSRA Board of Directors.

2015-2016 Info

Applications will be uploaded as soon as all LHSRA and NHSRA changes are in place and received.  The entire packet will include fillable documents and instructions.  Typing the documents on a computer, then printing the completed documents, prior to original parent, contestant, and notary signatures, will be required.  The NHSRA application from the NHSRA website is not used for LHSRA membership.  The LHSRA documents include a customized version of the NHSRA application with additional information, as well as LHSRA-specific forms. (The 2014-15 applications on the website are intentionally disabled and will be replaced with current application forms, once completed and approved.)

In preparation, please note the following:

  • New Members – a copy of birth certificate and year-end 2014-15 grades ready to submit with application
  • Former Members – a copy of year-end 2014-15 grades must be submitted with application (due to the confidential nature of the documents, grades submitted for the State Finals are shredded)
  • Homeschoolers (new and former members) - a current BESE approval of a state-approved home study program application must be submitted with application (approval date must reflect current school year)
  • First-time Home Study applications, as well as renewals, should be submitted to the Louisiana Department of Education expeditiously. No memberships will be processed without a current approved document.  More information is available at http://www.louisianabelieves.com/docs/school-choice/guidelines---bese-approved-home-study-program.pdf?sfvrsn=2.

There is no requirement whatsoever that LHSRA members need to belong to a rodeo club or that there must be a rodeo club at school.  Members enter as individuals and are not required to join any group, other than LHSRA, a charter member of the National High School Rodeo Association.

Partners Needed

Junior High Team Roping Heeler - Matthew “Chew” Weeks (Header): call Mr. Chance Weeks at 318-458-1277

Junior High Team Roping Header – Isaiah Eldridge (Heeler): contact Ms. Susan Cole at (318) 308-4440

Junior High Team Roping Heeler – JT Reeves (Header): contact Mr. Nathan Reeves at (337) 658-0431

High School Team Roping Heeler – Hunter Humphries (Header): call Dwayne Humphries at (832) 922-1670

High School Team Roping Heeler - Adam Manuel (Header): contact Mr. Gary LeBeouf at (337) 764-7230

High School Team Roping Header - Lane Weeks (Heeler): call Mr. Chance Weeks at 318-458-1277

Junior High Ribbon Roping Partner – Jessi Simon: contact Mr. Kevin Simon at (337) 501-0141

Junior High Ribbon Roping Partner – Dora Dawson: contact Ms. Ki Allen at (318) 267-5524

Junior High Ribbon Roping Roper – Camryn Richard (runner): contact Ms. Casey Richard at (337) 302-1365

(To add a request, please email stephanied.rodrigue@gmail.com or text to (337) 540-4623.  Please indicate the event and a parent contact.  Also, please indicate when the notice no longer needs to be posted.)


The $15 per event Qualifying Rodeo Fee that remains with the sponsoring Rodeo Club is the club’s fee to use as they wish.  (It was previously set at $10 per event.) It is NOT a stock charge. Stock contractor fees are negotiated individually with each rodeo club.

100% of the optional $25 Junior High and High School Jackpot Fee, along with 100% of the $50 per event paid by the sponsoring Rodeo Club, is paid back to the winning contestants who enter the optional jackpot, just as 100% of both were paid back when the jackpot fee was $10 in Junior High and $15 in High School.

For information on current nationally certified Reined Cow Horse Judges, as well as NRCHA judging clinics, visit http://nrcha.com/judges-information/.

For information on currently certified Cutting Judges, as well as NCHA judging certification clinics, visit


Highlights from August 18, 2015 LHSRA Board of Directors Meeting:


National Director/Nicky Rodrigue, Cameron

President Stoney Martin, Sulphur

First Vice-President Brian McGuffee, Bossier City

Second Vice-President Winston Frey, Eunice

State Secretary Stephanie Rodrigue, Cameron

National Director/Treasurer Nicky Rodrigue, Cameron

Parliamentarian James Hagan, Leesville


September 19, 2015, location TBA

Contestant Clinic in planning stages, more info will be forthcoming.

All RCH judges MUST attend clinic to be eligible to judge during the 2015-2016 year.


Cutting contestants will earn all around points at qualifying rodeos that have cuttings and toward the year-end all around, if the number of cuttings do not fall below 15.

At a multiple cutting, no cutting judge is allowed to judge more than two cuttings.

During the qualifying year, no judge can judge more than a total of three cuttings.

Any cutting judge who judges a qualifying rodeo cutting during the year cannot judge at the State Finals in the same year.

All cutting judges must be currently certified NCHA Cutting Judges.


NO dairy calves, dairy cross calves or dairy influence calves are allowed in any event.


Stock contractors are reminded that all rough stock in all events for the duration of the rodeo must be submitted to the rodeo secretary and judges before the first performance. Rough stock pens cannot be set for performances.


This year’s media fee will include a $9 fee for the monthly Louisiana Rodeo Journal and a $12 fee for the Rodeo News that is received every other week.  Only one subscription of each is required in the membership per each address. Please follow the instructions contained within the membership packet in that regard.


LHSRA plans to assist with the Duhon/LeDoux Benefit, as well as offer a Mike Johnson Roping School, as LHSRA fundraisers. More info will become available as plans move forward.


Efforts are underway to host a PRCA youth clinic, as an educational outreach activity. More info will be forthcoming.


Tom O’Neal is offering his assistance to work with rodeo clubs in preparing arena grounds that are safe and fair

for competition. Those interested in his offer, as well as any interested in serving on the committee, should call (318) 548-1800.


In an effort to decrease the costs, and increase the revenues, of rodeo clubs in producing rodeos, the following new award requirements and entry fee structure is now in place:

Only first place minimum $150 value buckles and all around cowboy and cowgirl minimum $200 value buckles are required for both Junior High and High School Qualifying Rodeos. Buckles of these actual values are required.  Gift certificates are not to replace buckles.  Saddles may certainly be awarded in place of buckles.

At their discretion, rodeo clubs can also provide more buckles or additional awards than the minimum.

Qualifying rodeos are urged, but not required, to provide some type of performance winner awards, since the second place buckles are no longer required.

In both Junior High and High School Qualifying Rodeos, the following entry fee, with specific breakdown, is in effect for the 2015-2016-rodeo year for all events except Cutting and Reined Cow Horse:

First event: $35/All additional events: $27

$5 – State Finals Awards

$7 – Qualifying Rodeo Personnel Fee

$15 – Qualifying Rodeo Fee (remains with the club per event)

Cutting and Reined Cow Horse

$50 entry fee per event (remains with the club)

One time fee per rodeo:

$3 – Scholarship Program Fee

$5 – Central Entry Fee (Rodeo Sports Network, entry system contractor)

Optional Jackpot Fee: $25 per event


One person from each of the fifteen rodeo clubs that produce qualifying rodeos are required to provide the following to the State Secretary no later than Monday, September 7, 2015:

  1. Official name and address of rodeo club as it appears on IRS, 501(c)3 or other official financial information.
  2. Official name, phone, number, email and physical address of all Board Members.
  3. Official name, phone number, email and physical address of Rodeo Coordinator.
  4. Official name, address, and phone number of ambulance service that will service the rodeo.
  5. Official name, address, and phone number of local hospital that will service the rodeo.

Information must be emailed to stephanied.rodrigue@gmail.com.


LHSRA will procure insurance for all eligible LHSRA qualifying rodeos during the rodeo year and payment will be invoiced with all other rodeo expenses.


Rebates will be paid to all qualifying rodeos at the end of the season, after sponsorships are received and expenses are reconciled.


The mandatory gift card raffle will continue, as in previous years.  An official acknowledgment form is included annually with membership documents.


Those with issues they wish to have addressed will be required to bring those issues themselves before the board at a board meeting.  Complaints will not be accepted through board members or others and without the identity of the complainant. Those with issues are to contact the Adult President and the Secretary to be added to a meeting agenda. Issues arising at the rodeo are to be handled in accordance with the NHSRA rulebook. Positive suggestions are always welcome!


Call, text or email Stephanie Rodrigue at (337) 540-4623 or stephanied.rodrigue@gmail.com.

LJHSFR 2015 Final Results

LHSFR 2015 Final Results