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The 2014-2015 Rodeo Saeson officially kicks off this week.  Best wishes for a great year!

North Central Louisiana High School Rodeo Information Sheet

Call-in entries for the North Central Junior High and High School Rodeos in Ruston close at noon Wednesday.  If you have recently mailed all required or corrected/missing documents and you have not received your card number, please call (337) 794-2929 Wednesday morning before 10:00 AM, if you plan to enter this weekend's rodeos.

Specific entry info is included on the Preference Menu at right, at http://www.rodeosportsnetwork.com/media/1635/lhsra15preferencemenu.pdf.

The draw will be posted sometime Wednesday afternoon at http://www.rodeosportsnetwork.com/1088.aspx.   Please check and be sure that all of your information is accurate.  If you feel that there is any type of error, you must call Rodeo Sports Network immediately at (800) 547-6336 immediately, between the hours of 9:00 AM and 4:00 PM. Have your confirmation number available, as that will direct the operator to the audio recording of your call. Corrections cannot be made at the rodeo, including any issues with the jackpot.

Applications continue to be processed on a daily basis. Special thanks to all who got applications in early, as well as well as those who returned revised and missing documents immediately upon receipt.  That responsiveness allows for late applications and other issues to be addressed to assure that all who plan to enter the North Central Junior High and High School Rodeos scheduled this weekend in Ruston, are able to do so.  Please be aware that the membership includes both national and state associations, and requires adherence to both NHSRA and LHSRA rules and procedures. Required documents are all required for a reason, much of which is driven by liability issues.  Simply put, no one can enter any rodeo without all documents received accurately and completely.  There is still time to handle the issues that are out there, but they must be addressed and cannot be circumvented.  Notification of missing and incomplete documents is mailed on the same day that the incomplete packets are received.   Delays in returning incomplete and missing documents delay receipt of membership cards. Likewise, membership cards to those whose applications are complete and accurate are mailed out daily, upon receipt.

Please be reminded that rodeo entry is NOT first come, first served.  Positions are computer drawn and it makes absolutely no difference if you are the first to call in or the last to call in, so there is no need to call in right at 9:00 AM on Monday. You must have card numbers of every contestant you are entering. 

Rodeo Sports Network provides and manages online entries as a convenience to the members of their contracted associations. User names and passwords may be obtained from their office during regular business hours, at which time they are also activating memberships.  You may have received your card number, but you may not enter online until your online information is activated.  It may be easier just to enter through call-in this week and establish your online account for next week’s rodeo.

All membership cards are mailed daily, but may take 1-3 days to receive, depending upon individual post office locations. If you have submitted all documentation, as well as all incomplete, incorrect or missing documentation, and you have not received your card in the mail on Monday, September 22, 2014, please call Monday evening, after 5:00 PM, at (337) 540-4623. This should give everyone ample time to check their mail, including those using post office boxes, to verify that the card has not been received, before calling.

Interested potential members are welcome to join at any time during the rodeo year.  

LHSRA Membership and Entry Info (This info is also inlcuded in hard copy with membership card)

★  Back number, rule book and raffle tickets will be received at the first rodeo that you enter.

★  Your LHSRA Membership Card Number is used to enter online or through call-in and as an insurance policy number, in the event NHSRA insurance is used.

★  Membership Cards are pre-numbered and cannot be duplicated.  Take a photo of your card and save it on your phone and/or make a hard copy and store it in a safe place.

★  Online entries give you the longest window of time to enter. Online Entries are open the Friday before the week of the rodeo through Tuesday at midnight at www.entries.rodeosportsnetwork.com/entries/.  User Name and Password from previous years remain active; members new to online entries must call 1 (800) 547-6336, Mondays through Wednesdays, to obtain User Name and Password.  

★  Call-in entries are available the week of the rodeo on Mondays and Tuesdays from 9:00 AM until 4:00 PM at 1 (800) 547-6336.  Have your card number available.

★  Late entries are accepted on Wednesday mornings from 9:00 - 12:00 noon through call-in only at 1 (800) 547-6336.  Late entries incur a $25 late fee.

★ Rodeos that offer both Junior High and High School competitions do not require two preferences. All contestants will be guaranteed their preference. However, contestants entering a High School Rodeo that does not offer a Junior High Rodeo will be required to give a first and a second preference. Contestants are not guaranteed their first preference.  All performances may be limited.

★ A jackpot option is available at $15 per event in High School and $10 per event in Junior High.

★  All rodeos are computer drawn.  Per the NHSRA Rule Book, once the rodeo is drawn, no changes are made.

★  The draw is posted at www.rodeosportsnetwork.com on Wednesday afternoon.

★  The confirmation number is your verification that aligns with the audio recording of your entry. If you feel an error was made, it is the contestant's responsibility to call 1(800) 547-6336 before 4:00 PM on Thursdays to investigate the issue.

★  Entry problems cannot be corrected at the rodeo.  The jackpot option cannot be added or removed at the rodeo.  All issues must be resolved through Rodeo Sports Network prior to 4:00 PM on Thursday.

★  Buddy groups of no more that 4 contestants must be indicated when entering. The person handling the entry must have all card numbers.

★  Contestants may buddy events or enter events individually.

★  One person may enter multiple contestants with each contestant's card number.

★  Drawouts are handled by call-in only to Rodeo Sports Network at 1 (800) 547-6336 on Thursday only from

            9:00 AM - 4:00 PM.

★  The Preference Menu will provide details of each rodeo.

★  Rodeo Entry Fee Breakdown: (Junior High)                      Rodeo Entry Fee Breakdown: (High School)

                        $12.00 Per Rodeo                                                         $13.00 Per Rodeo

                                    $5.00    State Finals Award Fund                                     $5.00    State Finals Award Fund

                                    $5.00    Central Entry System                                         $5.00    Central Entry System

                                    $2.00    LHSRA                                                             $3.00    Scholarship       

                        $15.00 Per Event                                                           $15.00 Per Event (except GC,BC & RCH)

                                    $10.00   Qualifying Rodeo Committee                                $10.00   Qualifying Rodeo Committee

                                    $5.00    Rodeo Personnel                                                $5.00    Rodeo Personnel

                        $10.00   Jackpot (Optional)                                            $50.00 Cutting/Reined Cow Horse        

                                                                                                                   $15.00 Jackpot (Optional)                                                                                

★  Special Notes:

Entry Fees are paid at each rodeo by check or in cash.  NSF checks incur a $30 fee, in addition to the amount of the original check. Jackpot checks are mailed.

Cowboys and Cowgirls in Service to Others

The Student Officers President Joseph Denison, Vice-President Remey Parrott, Secretary Kati Murphy and State Queen Kayli Meaux, have declared the 2014-2015 rodeo season a year of “Service to Others”, particularly to those in need. Every club is urged to sponsor a non-perishable foods’ drive at each respective rodeo, encouraging members and spectators to participate. A count of all goods collected will be submitted and an award will be given to the sponsoring rodeo club with the largest amount of food items donated. The club may then give the food to any non-profit food bank or association that feeds the needy in their community or the Student Officers will be happy to transport and deliver to Abraham’s Tent in Lake Charles. An opportunity is also being planned for members to actually serve the hungry during the 2015 Louisiana High School Rodeo Finals. Rodeo Clubs are also encouraged to select any other type of service project for their particular rodeo, in addition to the LHSRA service project, if there is interest in other worthy projects. Special thanks to the Student Officers for recognizing the opportunity to give back in service to others!


All bull riders are required to wear helmets - Junior High and High School Bull Riding.

All Junior High Steer Bareback and Steer Saddlebronc Riders are required to wear helmets.

These are mandatory NHSRA rules with no exceptions or exemptions!

2014-2015 RODEO APPLICATION INFO (Memberships are welcome throughout the year!)

Only the official LHSRA application, under the respective tab at left, completed in its entirety, will be accepted for LHSRA membership.  The application is fillable online and is required to be typed on a computer and then printed, signed, notarized and mailed, along with required supporting documents and membership fee in the form of a money order.  Because original signatures, notary signatures, membership fees and additional documents are required, emailing and faxing are not options.

Please be reminded that the following required documents must be submitted with the appropriate application:

New LHSRA Members

Copy of Birth Certificate

Copy of Final Grades for 2013-2014 School Year

Returning LHSRA Members

Copy of Final Grades for 2013-2014 School Year


First year in Home Study:

Current Louisiana Department of Education Approved Application

Formerly in Home Study:

Current Louisiana Department of Education Approved Renewal

To access home study applications and guidelines,

 visit http://www.louisianabelieves.com/schools/home-study

NHSRA requires members to be enrolled in a state-approved public, private or home study program.  There are no other options.  Louisiana Department of Education approval forms MUST be submitted at the time of application to LHSRA.

Any signatures or missing documents will delay processing your application until all required components are submitted.

 Recently Approved NHSRA Events:

Mandatory at all JH Rodeos:  JH Steer Bareback Riding and Steer Saddlebronc Riding

Optional at HS Rodeos:  HS Reined Cow Horse 

(For more info, visit http://nrcha.com/nhsra-reined-cow-horse/)

All three will be included at the State Finals and will qualify four contestants each for the National Finals

Ongoing Partner Requests!!!   Please advise once a partner is acquired!

Lane Briley is in need of a header or a heeler for JH Team Roping.  If interested, please call Mrs. Rachel Bolfa at (337) 308-1825.

Anna Williams is in need of a roper for JH Ribbon Roping.  If interested, please call Mr. Brad Williams at (318) 664-8198.

Justin Booth is in need of a heeler for HS Team Roping.  If interested, please call Mrs. Janet Booth at 318-471-3487.

Christal Mixon is in need of a heeler for HS Team Roping.  If interested, please call (985) 517-5562.

Dora Dawson is in need of a roper for JH Ribbon Roping.  If interested, please call (318) 267-5524.

Jacob Tidwell is in need of a heeler for HS Team Roping.  If interested, please call Mrs. Tidwell at (225) 279-0290.


LHSFR Year-End Results

LJHFR Year-End Results

Congratulations to each and every member of the National High School Team!

Summary of NHSFR Results




Mia Manzanares


Tristan Martin


Breakaway Roping    Kelsey Brashear   Reserve Champion


Breakaway Roping   Baylee Istre   3rd

Boys Cutting   Ty Fogleman     T-3rd

Pole Bending    Chloe Frey   4th

Barrel Racing   Kelly O'Neal   4th


Tie Down Roping    Justin Smith     Champion

Steer Wrestling    Tristan Martin   Champion (Fastest Time of NHSFR)

Goat Tying     Mia Manzanares   Champion


Tie Down Roping   Justin Smith  5th

   Boys Cutting    Ty Fogleman  5th

       Girls Cutting    Morgan Matte  T-7th

Breakaway Roping   Mia Manzanares   9th

Steer Wrestling   Zack Jongbloed   9th

Bareback Riding   Derrick Chaisson   12th

   Queen Contest    Kayli Meaux   12th

       Girls Cutting    Mallory Gilbert   T-14th 

Breakaway Roping   Halie Hebert    16th

 NHSFR Scholarships Earned:

Senior Academic Scholarships

Peyton Leflett $1000    Tristan Martin $1000    

Mallory Gilbert $500    Torey Little $500    Kennedy Darbonne $500

Arena Scholarships

Kelsey Brashear  $100  ~  Ty Fogleman  $100  ~  Chloe Frey  $100   Baylee Istre  $100

Kelly  O'Neal  $100  ~  Justin  Smith  $100  ~  Tristan  Martin  $100  ~  Mia  Manzanares  $100

Morgan  Matte  $350  ~  Ty  Fogleman  $350  ~  Mia  Manzanares  $350  ~  Justin  Smith $350

Tristan  Martin  $2050  ~  Zach  Jongbloed   $350  ~  Mia  Manzanares  $2050

Mia  Manzanares   $6500                                              

 TOTAL EARNED:  $13150


Congratulations to each and every member of the National Junior High Team!

Summary of NJHFR Results


Tyler McGuffee & Mason Pitts


Kamryn Duncan


4th – Kaylee Cormier, Girls Goat Tying

6th – Hannah Forsythe, Barrel Racing

8th – Ashlynn Poole, Girls Goat Tying

9th – Quincy Mudd, Barrel Racing

13th – Blake Chauvin, Tie Down Roping

18th – Camaren Johnson, Girls Goat Tying

18th – Evan Darbonne, Tie Down Roping

21st – Evan Darbonne & Brooklyn Gunter, Ribbon Roping


Champion– Blake Chauvin, Tie Down Roping

3rd – Kaylee Cormier, Girls Goat Tying

4th – Ashlynn Poole, Girls Goat Tying


Champion – Katy Fogleman, Girls Breakaway Roping

3rd –Kaylee Cormier, Girls Goat Tying

3rd – Tyler McGuffee & Mason Pitts, Team Roping


Champion – Kamryn Duncan, Girls Goat Tying

3rd – Tyler McGuffee & Mason Pitts, Team Roping


6th – Team Louisiana

2nd – Louisiana Girls’ Team

20th – Louisiana Boys’ Team


$750 Scholarship Recipient

Evan Darbonne


$500 Scholarship Recipient

Kaylee Cormier